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A Short Story with Long Questions


All that Remains

Performers/ Collaborators:  Jessica Brown, Tomoko Hiraoka, Bricine Mitchell

Director:  Joy Cosculluela


We begin with an open palette.   


Asking my collaborators:  Bring 1 or 2 images that stop you, move you, or grab you in your body. 

From there we enter into the image(s) and the bodily sensations and allow our imaginations to to take us on a wild journey.

Stories of loss, impermanence and the ways we leave marks in the world become our recurring motiffs.


Each performer experienced personal loss during rehearsals, endings and beginnings, and the messy middle (and rich) space of

"I don't know.."


We dove in and harvested resources from these experiences and kept asking: 

What if we could imagine a complex life with light and dark making dances in the thresholds, in the in-between space, in these liminal "ma" spaces?  How do make the most out of our impermanent life?  


We explore both inner and outer landscapes, inside the containment of the studio and out into the wild landscapes of the natural environment. We excavate, shape, and reshape our material.  In the process, our material excavates, shapes and reshapes us.  


Photography: Mark McBeth Projects


Photos (Upper Row) Bridget Koehler

Photos:  Mark McBeth Projects

Resident Artist Workshop

SF Safehouse for the Performing Arts

SF, CA. Sept - Oct. 2016

Photos: Mark McBeth Projects

Excerpts from All that Remains
foolsfury theatre factory festival
Z Below.  SF, CA
June 2016

Photography: Bridget Koehler

Photos:  Bridget Koehler

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