Spring-Summer-Fall 2020 Teaching

Due to Covid-19 and Shelter In Place,

classes have been moved to Zoom.

Movement Ritual & Dance Explorations

Hosted by Tamalpa Institute

Celebrating Anna Halprin's 100th Birthday!

Start or end your day with a sense of well-being. Movement Ritual is a series of flowing movements that help release unnecessary tension, heighten body awareness, and spark creative expression.  No dance experience needed.

 October - November series closed.

Registration open for our upcoming  online series: November - December:

Movement Ritual and Dance Explorations: Winter Solstice Series


The winter solstice marks a transition between seasons, inviting us to turn inward and make space to regenerate and renew, lighting something within us. In this end-of-the-year movement workshop, we’ll tune in to our somatic bodies and slow down. We’ll notice places where we can let go, fold and unfold, and enjoy our embodied aliveness.

How can we enliven our potential to move and express ourselves? In this special series, participants will explore structured somatic movements devised by Anna Halprin that help relax the mind, expand range of movement, and spark creative expression. 

Tamalpa Institute Training Program. Photo: Joy Cosculluela.

Performance Workshop: Our Creation Stories

4 Mondays, Oct. 26 – Nov. 16, 10am-12pm PDT. Via zoom.

(Registration closed.)

Hosted by Tamalpa Institute

DSC_6038 (1).jpg

Photo: Bridget Koehler

Joy Cosculluela & The Wayfinding Performance Group: Jessica Brown, Tomoko Hiraoka, Bricine Mitchell. 


This offering is part of my ongoing decolonization journey which is continuously leading me to joyful and painful remembering, awakening, and integrating fragments of "who am I."  

The practices I share are rooted in indigenous wisdom traditions much greater than myself. This process of re-learning is not based on romantic nostalgia; it is based on acknowledging that history is multiple and complex, knowing our ancestry, embodying body as earth.

We tap into nature’s bodies to remember our creation stories. 

 Where do we come from? What is my ocean? What is my mountain?

What are my tree-roots? Who are my people?

Through the lens of indigenous wisdom, we humbly learn and remember our interconnectedness

with nature.


Inspired by working with Anna Halprin in the natural environment, this workshop evokes our bodies, feelings, and imagination as we find reflections of ourselves in water, trees, wind, the natural elements.


Through the Life/Art Process, we will listen, move, draw, write, and witness our and others’ creation stories.

As we continue to navigate current times of great change, we respond by mindfully shifting to new ways of knowing ourselves and each other.

Open to all.  No dance or art experience needed. Willingness to explore, yes!



Oct. - Nov. Performance Research Workshop:

The Space Between

(BIPOC only)

Oct-Nov. workshops closed.

New workshop Feb. 13, 2021. 12 - 2 pm Pacific.

These workshops are based on my interdisciplinary performance project The Space Between,

with my multi-cultural collaborators in The Wayfinding Performance Group, 

Diana Lara, Tomoko Hiraoka, and Stacey Goodman.


This performance project presents themes of entangled stories of belonging / unbelonging,

stories that I've been deconstructing and reconstructing as part of my decolonization journey.


I wish to deepen and expand my process with my BIPOC community.


The Space Between (Part 1: Untangling)

Oct. 24th, 2020. 12 - 2 pm Pacific Time

Next workshop:  Feb. 13, 2021

12 - 2 pm Pacific time

Via Zoom

(BIPOC only)

I am underbody unravelling uttering 

Inhabiting multiple identities

Fluid and dissonant 

I carry mixed bloodlines 

Entangled arteries histories

Narratives ingrained by colonized structures

How can I / we dance-navigate the space between 

Fragments and wholeness

And give birth 

To new breath, body, spirit, story? 

"Entangled" - Joy Cosculluela

























 In this workshop, participants will explore their "space between" dance.

This space could mean many things:

It could be a fluid space between one's ancestral roots and cultural identity.


It could be an ambiguous relationship between the narratives that have defined a colonized person

for a long time that they are transforming.


It could be a place of transition with questions as well as possibilities.

These examples are threads that weave together the larger theme of decolonization,

which is what I am dancing with. 


We'll co-create a state of embodied mindfulness to ground ourselves in.

We equally welcome the non-linear. 

We'll be opening our work to somatic movement, expressive arts, and indigenous wisdom

to remember body and earth, and to amplify our vitality. 

No dance / art experience needed.  Willingness to explore, yes!

To register:  Email and let me know. joycos2002@gmail.com

_DSC9803.jpgJoy Thread copy.jpg

Photo: Victoria Montero

Joy Cosculluela / The Space Between

The Space Between (Part 2)

(Registration closed.)

Saturday, Nov. 14th, 12 - 2 pm Pacific Time

Via Zoom

(BIPOC only)

Joy Cosculluela & The Wayfinding Performance Group. Diana Lara, Tomoko Hiraoka

In collaboration with video artist Stacey Goodman

The Space Between. NOH Space, SF.  

Photo;  Victoria Montero

In this Nov. workshop, we will be centering artwork by a particular BIPOC artist as inspiration for our embodied exploration and performative process, making her / him / them visible and expanding our creativity and imagination.


Through this artist's work, we'll explore what it evokes in you and how you connect and respond.


We'll tap into sensations, feelings, and imagination and we'll individually and collectively generate a spontaneous performance that nourishes our creative energies.

Sliding scale donations greatly appreciated: $15 - $25 each workshop.

No one turned away for lack of funds.


In addition to resources from indigenous wisdom and decolonial practices, we'll be sourcing from the Life-Art Process (somatic and expressive movement, drawing, writing).


Dance / performance experience not required. Willingness to explore, to witness / be witnessed, yes!


Have a comfortable space to move; drawing and writing materials on hand. 



Please email me  (joycos2002@gmail.com) to confirm your attendance before Nov. 10th.


Upon confirmation, you will receive the zoom link.

Past Workshops
Our Creation Stories
Saturday, Sept. 12
12 - 2 pm PST (via Zoom)
DSC_6038 (1).jpg

Photo: Bridget Koehler. Joy Cosculluela & The Wayfinding Performance Group. Jessica Brown, Tomoko Hiraoka, Bricine Mitchell


This offering is part of my ongoing decolonization journey which is continuously leading me to joyful and painful remembering, awakening, and integrating fragments of "who am I."  

The practices I share are rooted in indigenous wisdom traditions much greater than myself. This process of re-learning is not based on romantic nostalgia; it is based on acknowledging that history is multiple and complex, knowing our ancestry, embodying body as earth.

This is a beginning conversation grounded in creation stories. 


We tap into nature’s bodies to remember our bodies.  Where do we come from? What is my ocean? What is my mountain? What are my tree-roots? Who are my people?  Who lived here before me?  


We evoke, honor, and humbly learn from indigenous wisdom and presence, and remember stories of who we might have been, who we are now, who we may become.

Through the Life-Art Process, we will move, speak, rest, listen, witness, dance. Other art modalities to support and enhance are drawing and writing.


In a non-judgmental space, this workshop is an invitation for us to begin an embodied conversation of changing how we learn about ourselves and the world.


No dance experience needed, your willingness and reciprocity to participate, yes!

Have a comfortable space to move. Drawing / writing materials on hand.

Class size limited. 


Free / by donation, whatever you are able to give. (Paypal: joycos2002@yahoo.com)

No one turned away for lack of funds.

Embracing Body and Earth
Saturdays May 2nd, May16th, May 30th 
June 13th, July 4, July 18th
Last Class:  Aug. 15th
12 - 1:30 pm PST  via  ZOOM online
Email to register:  joycos2002@gmail.com
Zoom link will be sent to you.
FREE/ by donation (Via Paypal:  joycos2002@yahoo.com. No one turned away for lack of funds.
Even if we're not able to be physically together, we're able to sense, feel, and imagine through our bodies.
We access our creative capacity to listen and harvest nature's rhythms, patterns, and qualities, which support and revitalize our sense of well-being.  I draw on various resources:  my work with Anna Halprin and senior faculty from Tamalpa Institute,  somatic and performance projects, indigenous wisdom, our bodies, and earth herself.
Have a comfortable space to move and drawing / writing materials ready.
Email me to let me know and I'll send you the link:  joycos2002@gmail.com

Photos left to right:  Bridget Koehler, Iu-Hui Chua, Bridget Koehler

Dance as Creative Conversation.png

Through somatic explorations, drawing, and writing, we will deepen the connection between our bodies, creativity, and our lives.

As artists and educators, we are eager to explore how dance builds community and we invite you to a virtual tea (optional, after class) and to be part of a beginning conversation.

For over a decade, Iu-Hui and Joy studied and performed with Anna Halprin and the Sea Ranch Collective. They performed in Anna Halprin’s iconic work “Parades and Changes” (SF JCC, Berkeley Art Museum, de Young Museum) and outdoor dances “Seasons III” (Mountain Home Studio, Stanford University), “Spirit of Place” (Stern Grove), and “At the Origin of Performance” (YBCA). They have also created collaborative original works together presented at the San Francisco Art Institute, Aperture Festival, and Mountain Home Studio. Their collaborative teaching includes offering workshops together on dancing in the environment, scoring and performance, and dance explorations since 2014.

Tamalpa Institute

Kentfield, CA

Level 1 Training

Embodied Foundations of the Life-Art Process

Tamalpa Institute Training Program

Photos: Joy Cosculluela, MFA, RSME

Tamalpa Institute

Kentfield, CA


Classes Spring-Summer 2019

Movement & Performance Practice

March - July

Mary Sano Dance Studio, San Francisco, CA


Dances of Connection - Disconnection - Reconnection

Movement and Performance Practice

Performance Nov. 2016


Andrea Cortes-Juarbe

Anne Marie Falge

Bari Knopf

Hilary Kennedy

Paul Wensley

Tanja Pink


Site-specific movement explorations


Charlotte Faber

Paul Wensley

Mario Cromaz

Steven Horner

Shelley Richanbach

Tanja Pink

Somatic Pathways & Creative Landscapes

Movement Explorations & Improvisation

Co-teaching with Diana Lara, RSMT

Photos by Diana Lara